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We met in Lisbon in 2019; we have been living and working in Portugal respectively for 10 and 5 years and music has been definitely the biggest reason that drove our lives to live in that amazing city.

The art and the authenticity that you could find in the streets of Lisbon, pushed us to follow similar direction in terms of interests, studies, research but also friendships and type of musicians with which we - separately - started to click and built collaborations.

Chiara, after a Bachelor in Jazz singing took in Holland, ended up in Lisbon to continue her studies with a Master Program in Jazz Singing at the ESML "Escola de Música de Lisboa" and Andrea, who was already in Lisbon taking a Bachelor in Philosophy in Italy, after a Master in Ethnomusicology was on the way of concluding a Phd at the "Nova University of Lisbon".

At the same time as our studies, we were playing in different projects; each one of us was focused in it's own research, it's own music, but always having similar goals: writing songs, playing the more we could, meeting great musicians and making beautiful concerts all around Europe.

One day a good friend of ours, a great musician and composer too, decided to put together an iconic and strong band made by good musicians each one with a strong identity that called afterwords Libê - Lisbon Buskers Ensemble. He called each one of us to be part of the band. Since than, we started to get to know each other and found out that we have a lot in common when we talk about music and creativity, so... we thought: "well, let's make a duo!"

And so we did and is great. Basically this friend of ours has the reason why a jazz singer with a bachelor in Jazz music and a guitarist songwriter with a bachelor in Oboe met on stage and built a band together.

Since then, we have been playing and investigating the vast world of World Music and Songwriting, together.

Secondi Classificati al Premio Alberto Cesa 2023, Folkest Festival, San Daniele del Friuli, Italia