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Luarte is a game of words inspired by the Portuguese tongue where the verb «luar» means the moving and the glowing of the moon in the sky and the «te» expresses the destination. Is a wish, an exhortation, a protection: "Luar-te".
We are a Duo that is dedicated to the song. Inspired by the passion for the sounds and the rhythms of the world, we present a concert where the covers and originals are woven. Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, English but also Cape Verdean, Angolan and French are some of the languages that we sing on stage. With our guitars, percussions and voices, we try to "tell" music, playing each time with its colors and different shades that were never repeated before, sometimes happy, sometimes full of "saudade", sometimes angry.
The word "Project" is because we like to think that we are in constant evolution, moving from one sound to an other, investigate rhythms and always developing our skills and our identities.
We recently came back to Italy, bringing with us our baggage of stories and melodies that we collected during the years abroad and with those magical ingredients, we try to express our musical journey throughout our concerts and our energy on stage.
Runners-up at the 2023 Alberto Cesa Prize in the famous Folkest Festival, we will be official guests of the same festival at its 46th edition in Friuli.